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Red Willow Fabrics

MADE - Thumbnail Ad - March

MADE - Thumbnail Ad - March

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This is a listing to have your advertisement in the Jan 29th, Feb 5th, Feb 12th, Feb 19th, and Feb 26th issues of MADE Magazine. No physical item will be sent to you.

The quarter page ad slots include:
-Up to 3 lines of text.
-Up to 1 image. 
-Up to 1 Quick Click link.
-You may represent 1 shop.

How it works:
-Select the spot(s) you would like by adding to your cart.
-After checking out you will receive an order number.
-Send an email to with your order number as the subject line, and attach any text, photos, and links needed to create your ad. 
-We will respond when we have gotten it. If you do not hear back saying we have received your email, please try again or message us on Facebook!

-No refunds are available on this product!
-All information is required to be submitted no later than 11:59pm the night before the issue releases. You are welcome to submit your info for all 5 issues in the same email if you already have the links/codes/images/etc prepared.
-Failure to submit your information will result in your space being left blank until we have it. Unless we reply to your email saying we have gotten it, assume we haven't gotten it and your space is still blank. 
-We will continue using the same ad and information for all 5 issues UNLESS you send us new information for each one. (so be careful adding a sale/code/drop, as it will look odd to have an ad for a preorder that closes on 2/10 repeating throughout the whole month)
-You are required to honor your sales/codes as they are listed in your ad. By purchasing this slot you are agreeing to this term. Failure to do so will result in you being banned from future ad slots.
-We WILL correct simple errors like
Spelling (visiit-->visit) or
Duplicating Words (Stop on in for the the sale!-->Stop on in for the sale!)
-We will NOT correct sale amounts, discount codes, dates, or links. How ever these are submitted is how they will be added to the ad.
Ex. If you accidentally say your drop is happening on 2/12(and it is actually on 2/11), we won't know the difference and will assume 2/12 is correct and use that info.
Ex2. If you are a rep and tell us your code is APPLES(and it is actually APPLE) we will assume it is right and APPLES will be published.
So please check your info. Changes CANNOT be made on an already published issue of MADE. You CAN contact us to have it fixed for the next release though. 

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