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A0 Sewing Pattern

A0 Sewing Pattern

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This listing is for an A0 format sewing pattern printed on 30lb paper. 
*You must upload your pattern into the listing, we cannot print a pattern that you do not own.*


Understanding how to order:
--In the text box you will type out what pages you want to have printed.
For example - if you are wanting to create a peplum top and the pattern has 3 pages and the third page only has the dress skirt option, you can choose to not have that page printed. You would put 'pages 1-2' in the textbook.
If you want all of them you can just put 'All pages'.

--In the next step you will select the number of pages TOTAL.
Using the peplum example again - if you are using pages 1-2 for 3 different sizes, you would select quantity of 6 and I will know to print 3 copies of pages 1-2 for you. 
If you were wanting all 3 pages printed and only need one copy, you would select quantity of 3.



TAT is 1-2 business days, excluding weekends and all major holidays.

A0 prints are shipped in a mailing tube to insure the best safety of the materials during transit. I roll them towards the back of the page so that when they arrive to you and you lay them flat again, they will curl down not up. This will make them easier to work with until they have fully flattened out again. Once your tracking number is attached to the order and the item has been shipped, RWF no longer has any control over where it is or the timing of the item.

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