Cut and Sew FAQ

What is the turnaround time?
(this is added to the time it takes materials to arrive to me)
1-10 Items: 4 business days 
10-20 items: 6 business days 
20-30 items: 8 business days 
30-40 items: 10 business days 
40-50 Items: 12 business days 
50-60 items: 14 business days 
60-70 items:  16 business days
70-80 Items: 18 business days
80-90 items: 20 business days
90-100 items: 22 business days

Does the price include fabric?
No. The price is my set price for sewing and cutting the items which includes thread and elastic. Fabric must be purchased separately.
Can I send you my fabric?
Absolutely! It’s a sewing service that I offer. You are more than welcome to mail me your fabric.
Can you ship to my customers?
Of course! As long as you email me the shipping label and provide polymailers I will ship to your customers. Or I can charge you a flat rate drop shipping charge and use my supplies. 
How does the whole process work?
The best way would be to reach out to me if it’s your first time working with me. This gives us the opportunity to talk about the items you are wanting sewn. Whether it’s a one time thing or if you need me forever! Email:
There is no limit to what can be created. If you wanted 3 different prints on one item I can do it.
How many items can I get with x amount of fabric?
This highly depends on size and sleeve length and if we are doing any color blocking/coordinating. The bigger the size, the more fabric I need to use. Long sleeve requires more fabric than short sleeve. On average I can get 4 raglans per yard. 6 bummies per yard. 2 peplums per yard. 3 leggings per yard. 1 dress per yard. 1 hoodie per yard. 2 skirted Leo’s per yard. 4 leotards per yard. *again just estimates and sizes and sleeve length are a huge factor*
Is there a MOQ?
No MOQ. I can make as little as one item to up to over 100 items. 
What patterns do you use? Can You use the same patterns I use? 
Of course! We can discuss all of this through email. I can let you know what patterns I use for specific items and/or buy the patterns you use. 
I need a style I don’t see listed?
Just let me know what style you want and I’ll add it to the website! I’m constantly adding stuff.

If you have anymore questions please email me at and Ill be more than happy to help!